Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy awarded the Mahavir Chakra Award posthumously for his constant bravery and devotion in Operation Polo on Jan 16, 1948.

Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy – The Brave Officer Who Sacrificed His Life To Safeguard Naushera

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The Indian Armed Forces is a source of pride for all Indians. Their bravery is matchless, and so is their sensitivity to the people around them. Most of us remember their feats during the Kargil War but somehow manage to forget other humane fights. We have forgotten the unsung ballad of our superheroes who donated their life on the bulleting battlefield. Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy was one of them.

He died during Operation Polo, in 1948 16 January. Today, we are paying homage to his 71st Death Anniversary.

Operation Polo is the code name of the Hyderabad “police action” in September 1948, by the newly independent India against the Hyderabad State.

The main attack from Solapur was led by Major General J.N. Chaudhari and was composed of four major task forces:

  1. Strike Force comprising a mix of fast moving infantry, cavalry, and light artillery,
  2. Smash Force consisting of predominantly armoured units and artillery,
  3. Kill Force composed of infantry and engineering units
  4. Vir Force which was comprised of anti-tank, infantry, and engineering units.

Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy was in the 3 (Para) Battalion Maratha Light Infantry.

Major A.K. Ramaswamy was born in 31st October 1924. On 16 January 1948, 71 years ago, while in command of a company of a para battalion at Naushera, Hyderabad for Operation Polo, he was ordered to reinforce the forward company which was under enemy fire. He aided relieve the pressure of enemy fire. It was the turn of Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy’s company to withdraw after the rest of the battalion had safely withdrawn. The path of withdrawal was covered by heavy enemy fire. A sepoy got injured while crossing the most exposed part of the ground and was left behind. Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy ran back to evacuate the wounded sepoy without any regard for his safety.

The injured sepoy gallantly warned the officer not to come to his aid and thus exposed himself to enemy fire. However, undaunted, Major Ramaswamy went to his help and managed single-handedly to bring back the injured sepoy 15 yards under a hail of enemy fire. In this entire course, Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy himself was mortally injured and died while being evacuated to the regimental aid post.

Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy – The Brave Officer Who Sacrificed His Life To Safeguard Naushera

The Mahavir Chakra Award (MVC) Recipient

He was awarded the Mahavir Chakra Award posthumously for his constant bravery and devotion on Jan 16, 1948. Only at the age of 23, he attained martyrdom by making all of us the witness of true patriotism. We salute Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy for his selfless deed to secure our country.

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